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If you want to learn about urban music then the skank fm studio is the perfect place to start and develop your music knowledge and skills. Over the past three years, many people from all different backgrounds have passed through the studio doors and enjoyed learning in fanatstic musical environment. The staff at skank fm have regualrly invited locals and international visitors and musicaians to get involved in presenting radio shows and to use the studio to be creative and productive This great musical space is custom built with all the best musical equipment, from the classic technics turntables and MPC's to the newer music technology, with CDJS, midi controllers galore and all the leading music softare such as logic and ableton. Making and learning about music and the music industry is key at the studio. The collective of producers and DJ's  have helped so many local music heads further thier music productions and careers. The team constantly study and discuss understanding of how to sell and promote their product further.The studio trys to help all music fans and musicican by providing a platform for people wanting to explore radio presentation, radio production,music production, recording vocals and instruments, mixing,mastering and DJ lessons in mixing & scratching.Over the past 3 years some of the best local & international DJ's have passed through the studio to pay their respect but also to be apart of a team that truly cares about music and pushing great music in the right direction. 


The skank fm studio is fortunate enough to have a team of extreamly knowledgable and experienced music producers  and DJ's to help guide and teach anyone willing to learn about music. Please contact us if you are interested in any services and we will be glad to provide quotes for any specific requests that are not listed below. 


DJ Lessons £20 per hour 

Includes learning how to mix records on turnatbles or CDJS and midi controllers, participants will learn hands on with the use of equipment from the very start. Choose from different musical genres and learn all the tricks and techniques of how to mix and scratch records, Understand how to mix vinyl or cd or how to use the latest dj technology such as serato for DJing. 


Recording Lessons or sessions £20 per hour 

Skank fm has a custom made recording booth for vocalist. Daz the studio manager has been writting and recording Rap and R&B music for the past 8 years and developed microphone techniques and built custom settings for the best recording quality. Local and international artist return for recording sessions time and time again knowing they will get a great quality sound weather its a mixtape, shout out,EP or Album material . Some great artist including singers , reggae and rap artist have shared the studio space learning about the recording process , the equipment such as soundcards and Mic's , the recording software and all the key skills in recording production to gain that proffessional sound. 


Skank fm also offers positions to local DJ's to host and present their own radio shows and give them the great platform to present their mixes,productions, remixes and create a fan base and following for themselves with the help of the team.Please submit any demos as we would be happy to listen to them. Please keep in mind we like our presenters to be unique and interesting, anyone can buy the commercial music and mix it now days,so we tend to  keep our eyes out for people who are open minded , respectful and truley passionate about music.


There is also producers at the studio willing to produce specific music genres,adverts and co produce tracks giving you the rights to your own production. please contatc us for any specific requests and quotes. 

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