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Skank fm is an online radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day. The station was formed in 2010 by DAZ & DJ DK (K-kru DJs).  The station includes live shows during the evening times hosted by local DJ’s, Artist's and musicians playing a promoting music they love. If you can't catch a live show then a playlist of music is sure to please, hand selected by each individual DJ at the studio. Genres such as Hip-Hop/ Rap, R&B, House, Disco, Funk, Soul, Drum and Bass, and Reggae are all popular choices of the Skank fm DJs and listeners. Presenters at the station typically mix records live and invite guest's for a chat about dope music. Music from niche or underground scenes are normally on rotation and some great local productions. 

​The fan base is dedicated to following the music and lifestyle we promote and this is evident in our listener figures. We receive an average of 25,000 hits every month on the official website and have so much love for our consistent listeners for the previous 10 years. Listeners from all corners of the earth tune in and embrace what the Irish music scene has to offer. We have also gained a multitude of local support through past events, studio BBQ’s, concerts and by spinning, supporting and featuring with so many local and international Artist's. The studio has created relationships worldwide, working with artists, producers, promoters and DJ’s from all corners of the earth and producing high quality material.

The studio also has facilities for Music Production, DJ Lessons, Graphic Design, Video editing, Vocal Recording Studio and other aspects surrounding music like marketing, promotion, distribution and a clothing line. The studio also helps promote up and coming DJ’s, Artist's & Events and gives opportunities to Irish Artist's with performance platforms, radio exposure, videos and interviews. With all the necessary equipment for artists and producers to make music at affordable prices, it's fair to say over the past 10 years the studio has helped so many DJ's gain residencies and make careers out of the releasing independent music, merchandise & live gigs  Skank fm not only wants to teach music skills and help those be independent with their careers, but we also want to encourage the use of music to express, heal and to allow integration in all sections of the communities in Northern Ireland and worldwide. 


Most of all the studio strives to support people from all backgrounds of life to learn, embrace, support and create quality music and this is why in late 2019 Skank fm teamed up with 5th Element Charity. 5th Element NI is a Hip-Hop based charity working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our team, comprised of musicians, lyricists, dancers, and artists and is dedicated to delivering creative projects that engage our communities. Our social outreach projects introduce people to various Hip-Hop art forms, covering street art, dance, lyricism & MCing, DJing & music production. With so many services to offer, the new headquarters has a regular flow of artists from all parts of Ireland and the world. International music professionals pass through regularly for radio interviews and music features, this also allows the volunteers to learn and be inspired by these professionals and the advice they can offer. Along with 5th Element NI we also work with Elixir Live Hip Hop Showcase, MoonDoggy's Clothing & Northern Soles Cru. All these local groups are making a major impact on the Irish Hip Hop scene with events, clothing and workshops at the new 5th Element Headquarters in Belfast City. Click the logo's and find out more about the partnership


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